Professional Deep Steam Rug & Carpet Cleaning Service in Huber Heights, Ohio Area

1. Residential Carpet Cleaning

When you choose to get your carpet cleaned you’re choosing a healthier home for you and your family. Vandalia Cleaners uses expertly trained professionals to provide an exceptional residential carpet cleaning service. We take time to listen to your needs and examine your unique carpet in order to provide the best and most effective cleaning service. Once we have carefully considered the size and fabric of your carpet, we get to work using shampooing and steam cleaning techniques to make your carpet look its best.

2. Oriental Rug Cleaning

Vandalia Cleaners offers the best oriental rug cleaning service in Huber Heights, OH and the surrounding areas. Our team of cleaners is made up of skilled professionals who have been specially trained to handle your oriental or Persian rug. We understand that every rug is one-of-a-kind, and each item requires a unique cleaning approach. Our oriental rug cleaning service begins with a thorough evaluation of your rug, so we can provide the very best service possible. Whether your rug is stained or just dusty from being in storage, we use a combination of shampooing, steam cleaning, and heat cleaning techniques.

3. Upholstery Cleaning

Whether it’s from kids, pets or pizza, messes and stains on furniture are inevitable. Luckily, our expert cleaning professionals are here to help. We carefully examine each piece of furniture to provide you with an individualized cleaning plan. Once we’ve determined the most effective cleaning method, we quickly get to work removing dirt, restoring color and eliminating unwanted stains. Our focused attention and team of knowledgeable experts are here to provide you with exceptional cleaning experience. Give us a call to get your sofa, couch or dining chairs looking like new again.

4. Mattress Cleaning

Our mattress cleaning service removes excess dirt and dust so you can get a great night’s sleep. Many people don’t realize just how important it is to have a clean mattress. Not only does getting your mattress cleaned remove stains and dirt, it also removes harmful allergens like dust mites. These allergens can lead to runny noses, itchy eyes and difficulty breathing. We use the latest technology to provide you with a thorough and safe cleaning service that doesn’t leave behind residues. By choosing our deep cleaning service, you’re choosing a clean bed and even cleaner air.

5. Tile & Grout Cleaning

When your mop just won’t cut it, our trained cleaning experts are here to make your tile and grout floors sparkle. Because dirt can easily hide within the pores of grout, tile and grout floors are some of the hardest floors to clean with household products. The porous grout is perfect at collecting dirt and spills, and it can also grow mildew that discolors the floor. After examining your floors, we take the time to discuss specific problem areas in order to create an individualized plan of action.

6. Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Impress customers and potential customers alike with an exceptionally clean carpet. Every detail counts when it comes to having a successful business, and clean floors are no exception. We offer a reliable service from skilled professionals from the very first consultation. Once our team has evaluated your company’s needs, we work quickly to erase dirt, grease and unpleasant odors from your carpet. Our cleaning techniques expertly tackle those stubborn stains, leaving your carpets looking fresh and new. Schedule a consultation with our commercial carpet cleaning service and start enjoying amazingly clean carpets.

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